Ada Lovelace Day 2009

IT should go without saying that there are dozens of women I could have written about for Ada Lovelace Day. I may still add some more (it’s not the end of the day yet!)

But I’ve chosen one who’s had a particular impact on me and what I do every day.

Alison Gow, now executive editor (digital) at the Liverpool Post and Echo has been a constant source of new ideas, tools, training advice and insights since I moved to the web full time.

In the year or so I have been reading her blog, she’s alerted me to Cover it Live, the reasons why the N95 is the best phone for journalists, been the catalyst for my joining Twitter.

Her blog, Headlines and Deadlines, is where I first spotted Dipity, Tumblr, TimeTube, Yahoo pipes and Bambuser among a million other applications.

She’s made me think about the way newspapers work online, about audience interaction, building communities and lots about the new news in general.

But it’s her links to new tools and willingness to share her experiments with them that make her blog one of the few in my google reader that never gets the “mark all as read” treatment.

She’s @alisongow on Twitter. If you’re not following her, you should be.


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