Beware the brain drain

Two posts from bloggers/twitters I follow today announcing they’re leaving their big corp jobs for exciting (but to us as yet unknown) web projects.

The MEN’s Sarah Hartley, @foodiesarah and @sarah_hartley, has left her job. And Bauer’s Dan Thornton, aka @badgergravling, is leaving his.

I mention this only because I worry it’s the start of a trend. Without a focus and a forward-thinking spirit, aren’t we running the risk of a massive brain-drain out of the industry?

Faced with the choice of working within the constraints of media groups that seem more focused on profits than products or taking the chance to work with like-minded people on exciting and innovative projects, what would you choose?

Obviosuly I’m not saying that’s what’s behind these particular choices. I’ve no idea what prompted Dan and Sarah’s moves. But it made me think.

Would a brain drain be bad for journalism? Definitely not. Would it be bad for the news industry? Undoubtedly.


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