Monthly Archives: June 2009

Council v Local

We don’t have a council newspaper to speak of here. But the council does tweet its stories. So here’s a quick compare and contrast about two things that happened yesterday.

Full council approves leisure centre plan


Roko takevoer approved

Then there’s

New faces join the cabinet


Eyre a victim of thirst for power


The BBC’s new ‘comedy’

Driving to work this morning I heard an advert for a new comedy on Radio 4.

It’s called Electric Ink and it’s where ‘old hacks meet new media’ apparently.

The announcer started to described it thus: “Robert Lindsay is an old school hack who asserts the need for in depth reporting.”

My heart sank.

“He’s pitted against his editor, who’s decided it’s time for him to ‘go digital'”.

Heart, meet knees.

Cut to clip: Editor: “We’re giving you a video podcast! on the website.”

RL: “Really?”

Editor: “Yes, it’s called the Politics Minute.

RL: “Is the name a clue to it’s length?”

Editor: “It’s more likely to be 48 seconds, there’ll be a little commercial first.”

I’m SO pleased to see the Beeb avoiding cliches about the web and reporting. Really. Delighted.

Coming soon

In a bid to make myself find time to blog, here are some things I’m going to write about (it’s a list to prod my conscience – if I publish it, I’ll have to write it, right?).

  1. Our week of liveblogging
  2. The Telegraph, expenses and paywall what-ifs
  3. What if everything we think we know is  wrong? (lessons from Bhm Mail, Telegraph and New Milton Times about online)
  4. Changing hearts and minds – progress in the newsroom
  5. Data and journalism (or when did I start wanting to read the sources?)
  6. A quick word about the advertising model
  7. newspapers and elections – did we provide a service for the reader?