The BBC’s new ‘comedy’

Driving to work this morning I heard an advert for a new comedy on Radio 4.

It’s called Electric Ink and it’s where ‘old hacks meet new media’ apparently.

The announcer started to described it thus: “Robert Lindsay is an old school hack who asserts the need for in depth reporting.”

My heart sank.

“He’s pitted against his editor, who’s decided it’s time for him to ‘go digital'”.

Heart, meet knees.

Cut to clip: Editor: “We’re giving you a video podcast! on the website.”

RL: “Really?”

Editor: “Yes, it’s called the Politics Minute.

RL: “Is the name a clue to it’s length?”

Editor: “It’s more likely to be 48 seconds, there’ll be a little commercial first.”

I’m SO pleased to see the Beeb avoiding cliches about the web and reporting. Really. Delighted.


2 thoughts on “The BBC’s new ‘comedy’

  1. Cathy Wallace says:

    Surely the most depressing thing is the BBC is incapable of creating a comedy, drama or in fact any programme without including Robert effing Lindsay.

  2. […] Sam Shepherd asks over on Subbed Out whether the BBC will be able to avoide the cliches about the web and […]

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