I’m a journalist, runner and enthusiastic foodie.  I work at the Daily Echo in Bournemouth, former sub, charged with driving online development and shifting staff attitudes towards all things multimedia.  I’m documenting the development of our website and social media experiments. All views here are mine and not representative of the paper or its employees.

One thought on “About

  1. Jason says:

    Hey Sam,

    Read your comment on http://recoveringjournalist.typepad.com/recovering_journalist/2008/11/taking-the-leap-ii-getting-serious-about-online.html

    About to start a one-year shift running the Stanford Daily – and we desperately need to get our online game plan going. Any ideas of where we should start – comment management? posting on other blogs? Get more followers on Twitter?

    What have you found is the best way to change the minds of people who don’t get it?

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