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Publish 2.0

Thanks to this post by Scott Karp I’ve been investigating the possibilities of Publish2 as an aggregator.

I’ve been saying for a while that we shouldn’t be afraid to link to other sites (the Rick Waghorn/Jeff Jarvis argument) – whatever the answer to the news crisis is (and if you work for Newsquest things look pretty critical right now) surely it’s going to involve giving our audience reason to come to us and not somewhere else.

So, Publish2 gives you the option to set up newsgroups that other people in your newsroom can join.

You then set about finding the best blogs, links, videos etc on a particular subject, add them to the group (it’s like a cross between Delicous and Digg) – and then Publish2 shows you how to create a widget that you can embed on the site.

I’ve blogged before about the problems the group template gives us – no access to html, restricted widths, no way to design a decent homepage that reflects the paper it represents and so on- but the little cheats I’ve been using seem to have gone down okay with the men in charge.

SO I was hoping this post would be a ‘look what we’re doing’ one….

…but unfortunately Javascript, which makes the Publish2 widget work, isn’t accepted by our CMS. So there’s no way I can cheat on.

Instead I’m just going to bite the bullet and ask: please can we have the facilty to aggregate news from other sites. Please.

Watch this space!

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EDF awards South East – where are all the newspapers?

Last week the shortlist was announced for this years EDF Energy Media Awards for the South East. Look at the website of the Year category. We have BBC Kent, the Kent County Council enterprise Kent TV, run by a freelance media company, and Archant’s Ham and High.

What we don’t have is any showing by the big three. No Johnson Press – the News is very well represented elsewhere in the list but despite being JPs biggest selling paper, no sign of their website on the shortlist. No Northcliffe – despite the fact that AND has just been nominated in the Newspaper Society’s online awards – and no Newsquest. although the Argus has recently launched the new version of Newsquest’s template. And not forgetting Trinity, who are also conspicuous by their absence.

I’m not sure how much of this is down to papers deciding not to enter and how much is the websites not making the grade. It will be interesting to see what the judges say.

But the former indicates a disturbing lack of pride in the product and the latter suggests that none of the big boys have so far got it right. Neither option is very encouraging.

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